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Service Whenever, Whereever.

Whenever you need us, Dorma Hüppe Asia is there for you. Our products are precision engineered to do the job they were designed for and Dorma Hüppe Asia makes sure that any needed service, maintenance or quick retrofits never get in the way of your productivity or profitability.

Our distributors are committed to giving your emergencies the attention they deserve. Call +607-5985730 for assistance in locating your local distributor, or go to the Distributor Listing for local contact information.

Service Request

You can also send your service request to the following email address. We will respond promptly to your request.

Services Offered

The following are a list of services we offer to help you get the most out of your space division products:

Emergency Service

  • Network of expert technicians skilled in the service of operable partitions and accordion partitions
  • Prompt assistance with operational issues related to suspension systems, drop seals, and closing mechanisms
  • Dorma Hüppe distributors work to ensure a successful event uninterrupted by operational issues

Planned Maintenance

  • Avoid unpleasant surprises with proactive maintenance
  • Annual checkups
  • Replacement of damaged panels and worn-out parts
  • Training for staff in proper care and operation
  • Ensure operable walls and accordion partitions in top working order and looking their best

Retrofit Any System

  • Dorma Hüppe Asia's distributor technicians are skilled in retrofitting movable space division products
  • Service all partition brands, regardless of manufacturer
  • Relocate or add panels to an existing partition
  • Install a new pass-door
  • Change stacking locations
  • Replace drop seals
  • Update or revamp your installation
  • Adapt any existing system to new operating requirements
  • Relationship between the Dorma Hüppe Asia's distributor and the factory affords the widest variety of renovation options
  • Latest design trends available for refinishing: fabric, carpet, vinyl, wood, plastic or customers own material