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Smartwall - Movable partition simplified

Smartwall from DORMA Hüppe Asia allows simplicity in space management. From the floor plan to the installation to the operable partition itself, Smartwall combines spatial efficiency and acoustically sound environment. Regardless of their characteristics and function, rooms can be effortlessly partitioned, made smaller or larger, and re-proportioned to suit individual requirements. It is ideal for a small conference room or classroom, can be optimally adapted to suit varying numbers of users. It simplified operating technology ensures user friendliness and quick set up.

  • Quick assembly fast lead-times
  • Simplified construction; easy installation
  • Easy operation, quick setup
  • Available in complete knockdown kits

Simplified construction, easy installation

DORMA Hüppe Smartwall has non-traditional construction in which is simple to assemble making installation on site quick and easy. It has modular parts to suit various sizes of panels. However, acoustic performance is not compromised. Such modular parts enable easy service and refurbishment.

Easy operation, quick setup

Smartwall is operated by means of step pedal instead of the traditional cranking method of operation. Such sealing method is quicker to set up a partition wall reducing use of manpower, and time-saving. Sound insulation performance is still inherent as spring loaded mechanism ensure good panel stability.

A unique offering

Such uniqueness is the chassis design of Smartwall in which its modular components allows our partners to provide a quick turn-around of supply to the project.